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Internet Explorer

The most popular Internet browser, Internet Explorer 9, is the new version of the very popular Microsoft Web browser. Based on the success of previous IE releases with new features and new looks, Microsoft is hoping for the version you first noticed in Internet Explorer 9, which is a huge improvement. Using the transparent graphics style found in newer versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista, IE 9 looks smoother, smarter and simpler than ever before. Like Google Chrome, the address bar and search box are linked to make it easier and smoother for users (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); New features in Internet Explorer 9 include better integration with Windows operating systems and enhanced security systems. With IE 9 you can also link websites to the superbar and you can mark your favorite websites as operating system applications. The new additional performance advisor detects add-ons that slow down Internet Explorer (a key feature of Mozilla Firefox). Internet Explorer 9 also offers better speed and performance and better compliance with new web standards and technologies. IE 9 provides excellent support for HTML 5 (a new generation of language-rich media sites), and now completes acid 3 testing to almost 95/100. New features like hangover and InPrivate Filtering give Internet Explorer a more stable and secure web experience than any other, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is faster and better than its predecessor – and offers tough competition. Note: The browser war is getting interesting again.

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