Pink Flamingos DVDrip ENG


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Pink Flamingos DVDrip ENG

TNT Village Flamingos Pink

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Sleaze Queen Divine, who lives in a caravan with her crazy Crackers hippie son and 250-pound mother, Mama Edie, quietly tries to rest on their laurels as ‘the nasty people who live there’. But competition is brewing in the form of Connie and Raymond Marble, who sell heroin to schoolchildren and kidnap and fertilize female coders and sell the babies to lesbian couples. Ultimately, they challenge Divinely and fight them directly

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Paese: United States

Year: 1973

Director: John Waters

Producer: John Waters

Attori: goddelik

David Lochary

Mary Vivian Pearce

Stolen mink

Danny Mills

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File size: 700 Mb

Duration: 1:47:08

Video Codec Nome: DivX

Larghezza Frame: 464

Altezza Frame: 256

Displayed aspect ratio:


Video bit rate: 771 kbps


Audio Codec: MP3

: 48000 Hz

Bit rate: 131 kbps

Tip: VBR

Channels: 2

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