Geekbench 5.2


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Geekbench 5.2

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Geébench is software that allows you to technically evaluate the performance of your computer, processor and memory. I am writing right away that this is the DEMO version so it has limitations which is a 64 bit test and partial testing is not allowed, the full version costs $ 15, if any medicine will be added later, but now I advise you to download Geébench below for free.

Installation is adequate and no problems. You will then test the processor at a time convenient to you. To ensure the accuracy of the test, the developer recommends shutting down all apps for a short period of time and just exit this app, start the process and see the results. The main window has a little information about your system, especially you can find the OS version, search for the installed processor, check the model and how many memory is available.

I wrote above that stress tests are not available, but I must tell you about it. This feature helps you determine if your computer can operate successfully under very heavy loads, and it is during stress tests that you can identify several computer stability issues that can be resolved early. Once the analysis is complete, you can review the results, which you can save for further investigation or comparison.

In summary, the Geenekch program is supposed to be on your system, it can easily check the processor and find out what its condition is, and if you find any problems, you can repair or purchase a new processor until late, depending on the problem you have. is. In addition, the software is useful when buying a computer, you can immediately see its speed and stability.

I forgot to add that you can share results in the Geenekch results browser, all you need to do is create an account on the web and then you can upload the secure results there and compare them with results from other users.

Developer: Primate Laboratory

License: ShareWare

Language: English

Operating System: Windows

How to install:

1). If necessary, instructions are included.

2). That’s it, it’s done