GoodFellas Drei Jahrzehnte in der Mafia 1990


Seeds: 11 Peers: 22

GoodFellas Drei Jahrzehnte in der Mafia 1990

The story of Henry Hill and his life in the crowd, which discusses his relationship with his wife Karen Hill and his partners in the audience Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito in the Italian-American crime syndicate.
Author of Martin Scorsese:
Nicholas Pileghi (book), Nicholas Pileghi (script) Henry Hill may be a small gangster who may have been involved in a robbery with Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito, two other gangsters who may have looked a little taller. His two partners can kill anyone involved in the robbery and slowly consider climbing through the hierarchy of the crowd. Henry may be seriously affected by his partner’s success, but will he consider bending low enough to make Jimmy and Tommy fall?

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